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ATT and Dolce Offer to Help Lineker Make Weight

October 28, 2013

John Lineker scored another impressive win at UFC Fight Night 30, as the flyweight stopped Phil Harris in round one to record his fourth straight victory. Not only that, but the stoppage was “Hands of Stone’s” third in a row. Looks like he picked the right nickname.

While all that’s great, the big fly in the ointment is that Lineker missed weight for the bout…again. The Brazilian fighter has missed weight now three times since he joined the UFC, and that’s not something the ZUFFA brass likes.

Dana White was asked about Lineker’s future following the event, and the UFC President revealed that American Top Team’s Dan Lambert has offered to help the fighter make weight  (quote via MMA

“[Lambert is] probably one of the best guys in the sport and has been since before we owned this company, and he hit us up tonight and said, ‘Let’s get this kid down to Florida training, get him on the Dolce Diet, and make sure this kid can cut weight,’” White relayed. “[Lineker is] so good, if he had made weight in the three times that he missed, he probably would have a title shot right now. So he’s going to get him sorted out.”

Heading to a world class camp like ATT certainly sounds like a plan, as it clearly works for the ridiculously massive ‘lightweight’, Gleison Tibau. And as far as Mike Dolce’s thoughts on the situation? It looks like the weight cutting guru is on board.

“I’m a big friend and fan of Dan Lambert, and anything he says, I’m more than happy to help out,” Dolce said. “If he believes in Lineker, then I believe in the kid, too, and I think we can turn him into a world champion.”

There’s no question the 23 year-old fighter is on the rise, but if he misses weight one more time at 125, his run at flyweight will likely be over. Chances are Dolce at ATT will get him on track if he accepts the offer.

Stay tuned to MMA for all your UFC news and coverage.

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